High Impact Clinique


I love a good mascara, it can completely revolutionise my day from one of sleepy, tired, just got out of bed BLEURGH, to oh HI there bright eyes! It’s for this reason that I thought I’d share Clinique’s amazing new mascara, High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara with you lovely lot.NEW-High-Impact-Extreme-Volume-Mascara

I’m not normally a fan of stiff, plastic mascara brushes however this one has bowled me over. It’s a large, thick plastic barrel with a fine comb so it loads your lashes with a lot of formula, without making it clump. It layers very well as well and you can get your lashes looking incredible if you’re all about the volume and impact. It’s a great one to team with a fine feline flick and should be a staple in any lash-lovers makeup kit.

It’s £17 and worth every penny.


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