TBB in Tatler for Ponds

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On Monday Katie and I head over to the Victoria & Albert museum for a private viewing of the ‘Queen Elizabeth II by Cecil Beaton‘ exhibition with the team from Ponds face cream.

The event was brilliant and it was SUCH a treat to have the entire V&A closed down for us. The exhibiton itself was a fabulous insight into the Queen’s early years and her and family’ relationship with Beaton himself. It actually stops showing this Sunday (22nd) so make sure you head down in time (click here for more information).

Queen Elizabeth II by Cecil Beaton Emma Skipper Katie Service

Alice Hart-Davis, Francesca White, Emma Skipper, Caroline Neville and Katie Service

We were also treated to a brilliant talk by Lucia van der Post in line with her book, Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me, which was great. PLUS we all went away with a Ponds face cream which is cult product and I’m told is brilliant as a staple and simple beauty product (watch this space as I’m set to start trying it out soon).

If that wasn’t enough, Katie and I even had a small mention in Tatler’s Bystander for the event… (click the image for full coverage).Queen Elizabeth II by Cecil Beaton Emma Skipper Katie Service

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