Shine Off

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It’s coming to that time of year where the sporadic bursts of sunshine can wreak havoc on your shine control. One minute your picture perfect, the next minute the sun has come from nowhere and melting your makeup.

If you want products that will keep you mattified then check out the low-maintenance, reliable products below that will help you control the glow.

Disclaimer – I hate matte makeup (unless it’s a lipstick), therefore when I say matte I simply mean non-shiny. I think everyone should opt for the beautiful and natural dewy textures rather than the matte formulas if you can, it’s much easier to maintain and looks amazing!michael kors 2012

IF you want full blown coverage there are two newbies on the scene that will give you just that. Clinique’s Stay Matte Oil-Free makeup (out in May) and Clarins’ Ever Matte foundation. I’m personally a HUGE fan of the Clarins foundation; it’s light, easily absorbed and really does control shine without looking ‘cakey’. It’s perfect for medium/full coverage. If you’re looking for something heavier opt of Clinique. It’s brilliant and melts into your skin without leaving that oily finish.

I’d wholeheartedly recommend both of these (although Clinique would probably be better for younger skin).

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If full coverage is not for you, you can’t get much better than my most recent fab-find; thisworks Perfect Look Skin Miracle. This pump-packaged tinted skin viel is almost gel like and is tinted a peculiar caramel colour. However once it’s applied, it dissolved into your skin – hydrating and moisturising as it goes. This product is less about the coverage and more about the maintenance of an even skintone and healthy glow. It’s not shiny, looks great if you apply a touch of translucent powder over the top and would be the perfect holiday companion in that new  beach tote you’ve just bought.

Lastly I’ve got a handy little lifesaver that I discovered at HQ this week; the Aroma Purete Shine Control Oxygenating Fluid (out in May). It’s super fluid formula controls shine and acts as a brilliant base for your favourite foundation – think primer without the weight. I’d personally wear it on it’s own on holiday or take it with me on a flight to give a boost of hydrating without the shine. I’m particularly impressed with the formula that has been designed to have a mattifying effect that sets in after a few hours – which is great when you consider you don’t need shine control immediately, rather you’ll probably be needing it around midday when your skin is feeling oilier. Very clever.

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  • petra

    clarins didnt work for me, im very oily and the clarins one made it worse, the clinique stay matte (im 40) is perfect, doesnt settle in fine lines, satin finish, stays on all day, a healthy glow without getting greasy, i definitly recommed this to the older girls:)