By now you all must know my opinions on natural brands.  If it isn’t as effective as it’s harmless synthetic alternative – don’t bother.

Watch me eat my words…

So when I was walking to the launch of Rahua (pronounced ra-wa not ra-hu-a) I was sceptical.  So many brands market themselves as 100% natural but when you look at the ingredients label you see that they really are far from it.  This is why when I picked up the Rahua shampoo and checked out the ingredients label on the reverse, I almost choked on my coffee. It is 100% natural.

The products contain no parabens, sulfates, synthetics, silicon, GMO or petroleum ingredients and the packaging is recyclable.  All this and Rahua have managed to do the one thing that most eco brands seem to fail to do and that is make their products look desirable.

My first instinct was doubt:  what are you using as a preservative to replace the parabens?  The answer comes from the Palo Santo tree wood, native to the Amazon (just like the Rahua nut which is the key ingredient in the range), which is an extraordinatry natural preservative.  After the tree dies it takes something ridiculous like 10 years to liquify.

The Rahua nut has been used for centuries by the women of the Quechua-Shuar in the Amazon and it is sought after for its restorative oils.  The tiny size of the oil molecule means that is able to penetrate and repair the hair’s cortex unlike the larger molecules in other botanical oils more commonly found in haircare

Tried & Tested:

I have been using the Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner for 5 days now an so far my usually frizzy unruly highlighted hair feels 10 times softer after blow-drying, and looks visibly smoother.  The smell of the Rahua nut and the Palo Santo tree is a subtle one but extremely refreshing and clean smelling.  In short, I love it.


Rahua is exclusively available from Liberty in the UK.

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  • Joopah

    Thanks so much for this post. So great to know about a truly natural product that works. I’ll have to check this out when I’m next in London.